“Weird is the tale of an EP, and mysterious is the path of an artistic resurrection. The true story is that the beautiful (because she IS beautiful…I’m human after all) Kelly Steward from Rockford, IL, debuted with a “home-made” EP back in 2000, while this EP (meaningfully entitled Long Long Road) arrives after eight long years. I don’t know what happened in the meantime, but all the peculiarities that made the debut interesting are still intact here, somehow even improved. I’m referring to a great voice perfectly balanced between country roughness and soul voluptuousness, accompanied by a true ability to gather rootsy suggestions, southern vibrations and black music influences in the most confident way. I’m also talking about a special taste (free form, not academic) for the noble classic-rock and mainstream of the Seventies; something hard to find these days. Long Long Road has only 4 songs, but what songs my friends! Get Back Your Own Way is a magnificent electric serenade somewhere between the accelerations of Lucinda Williams and the impudent femininity of Stevie Nicks; When Summer Ends is a true gem of southern rock tension howling at the moon with the intensity of Tift Merrit (the rowdy one of her beginnings, not nowadays formalin mummy); Wish You Away is the perfect synthesis of country-jazz yearnings that would make Norah Jones proud; Lost My Mind (written by Miles Nielsen, who’s also the producer) is today’s status of the art – let’s say it straightaway – of the marriage between American roots and pop melodies. All we have to hope now is that the next effort by Kelly Steward will not be delivered in 2016.”

– Gianfranco Callieri (December 2010)

“Her style has come to be compared to names as Patsy Cline, Patty Griffin, Gillian Welch and Tift Merritt for the mind…Not least we know too Kelly Steward belongs to this category of truly great voices”

-Roots Time Belgium


Traditional country, with a modern flair – Long Long Road has several elements of brilliance. With an all-star group of players: Miles Nielsen, Dan Pitney, Dan McMahon and Charles Koltak, all four songs are solidly arranged, each instrument mixed to complement Steward’s powerful and textbook voice.  Largely a traditional country effort with enough modern flair to make it significantly timely, Long Long Road hints at what could be the ingredients for a full-length, radio juggernaut. One thing’s for sure: Steward can sing, and she does it with an obvious passion that’s only possible when an artist feels the music and knows what it’s like to live the stories behind it.  Steward penned three tracks, all of which are well written and lyrically solid. Her ability to perform works written by other artists more than comes to life on the fourth tune, “Lost My Mind,” written by Miles Nielsen.”

– Jim Hagerty – Rock River Times (Feb 11, 2009)

“When listening to the opening track for the first time, it was Ms. Steward’s voice that struck me first. It brought back memories of sitting with my grandfather on the front porch at his home listening to Patsy Cline. She has a full, strong voice that has a depth of range that shows in each song. In each cut on the EP, her voice is laced with feeling and emotion as she sings”

– Gregory C. Johnson,  (Aug. 11, 2008)

“I listened to ‘Wish You Away’ and I have enjoyed it quite a good bit. Your voice just jumped out of the speakers at me. The song and your tone have a great overall feel and sound…The production is really strong as is the performance…Congratulations on exceptional work and incredible talent!”

-Dave Koons – (Jun 8, 2008)

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